Gravitas Adventures

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About us

Adventure Travel Agency for summer and winter. Giacomo (28) and Siebe (25), from Belluno – Dolomites (IT) and Culemborg – Holland, are both ski instructors with years of working experience, in Austria, Italy and Argentina. Thanks to competitions but also and especially to our passion for mountain activities, we have a spread-out knowledge of the terrain, the European Alps.

Activities / Services

There's those thinking more or less less is more. But if less is more how you're keeping score?

Our Team

We are Gravitas Adventures.

In order to share our passion, we started our own agency Gravitas Adventures. Together we have the ambition to share our excitement for the outdoor.
But not only, we want to offer fully-comprehensive travel packages deeply rooted in the territories of the localities we visit, meaning that through our wide network of mostly friends and colleagues, our guests will be fully immersed in the real life of the insider-spots. #RIDEWITHUS